"Intelligent coaching for optimum success and wellness" 
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"Intelligent coaching for optimum success and wellness" 
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1. What are the fees for coaching? 
Please call us on UK 0203 086 9186 
Fees for coaching services vary and take into account whether: 
you are a private individual or a business 
the sessions are face to face or over SKYPE or telephone 
as an individual, you pay in advance for a block of 6 sessions 
as a business, you pay a day rate, individual sessions or you pay in advance for a block of 6 separate sessions 
you are a charitable organisation, student or education institution 
2. How long does a session last? 
Face to face, telephone and SKYPE appointments last 60 minutes. Sessions can be extended to 90 minutes with prior agreement and the fee will reflect this. Businesses can book a day which runs approximately from 9:30am to 4pm subject to discussion. 
3. What is coaching? 
Coaches are widely used, understood and accepted as essential in the field of sport. Such coaches encourage, support and guide athletes, footballers and others to become the best they can in their field. In a similar fashion, a professional career, business or life coach works with individuals or businesses to support them in becoming the best they can be by working through issues, challenges, thoughts and behaviours towards desired objectives. The aim is to work with you to ensure you are living and working to your greatest potential or, as a business, you are operating effectively with staff engagement, high morale and improved performance. 
Coaching is an interactive process to accelerate positive action, change and, ultimately, results. It’s about people reaching their fullest potential. Businesses are made of people and so coaching is highly recognised as effective for businesses. 
It is a partnership between the coach and individual in which the coach works with the individual to facilitate the reaching of the identified goal or shared vision with the employer. A thorough understanding of values and authentic motivations is sought and encouragement and guidance are provided in order to increase motivation towards the attainment of positive change more quickly. As a consequence, it can promote greater confidence, reduced and manageable stress, increased fulfilment at work, enhanced performance and, often as a knock-on effect of this, there is personal fulfilment too. 
On occasion, we face obstacles, feel too stressed or under pressure and so forth to even know what our potential is, yet it is there. We can be blind to the possibilities or opportunities. These words apply equally to businesses - there are obstacles that people face, directors and staff may feel under pressure or external influences affect internal matters for example and it all affects the potential of the overall business. There are, however, also possibilities and opportunities if you can learn to look at things differently. 
4. What are the benefits of coaching? 
There is now ample evidence from research highlighting the benefits of coaching individuals and businesses. They include: 
Enhanced interpersonal communications, better relationships 
Raised awareness, morale and self esteem for individuals, teams and entire organisations 
Improved concentration and clarity 
Clearer, informed decision making 
Improved performance, delivery, results and outcomes 
Greater stress management 
Better time management 
Heightened confidence 
Career and personal progression 
Sustained responsibility for progress 
Advanced workplace and client relations 
5. Who is coaching suitable for? 
Coaching is suitable for individuals of all ages who are committed to reaching their fullest potential at work and at life. You may be a professional lawyer, manager, teacher, human resource professional, IT analyst, property manager, a returner to work a parent, a student. There are no limits, nothing holding anyone back - coaching is for anyone who wants to get more from their career and/or life. 
It is also for businesses, charitable and education establishments and their people interested in improving performance, developing a coaching culture, enhancing morale, career development, retention and so on. 
6. What can I use your services for? 
This list in not exhaustive. If you have a query, you can contact us. It’s free to enquire. 
strategic career development planning 
confidence development 
professional CV review 
LinkedIn profile review 
career values and goals 
skills review and transferable skills 
job search strategy 
working with recruitment organisations/sourcing unadvertised opportunities 
application review and drafting 
impactful interview/presentation coaching 
stress management 
body language 
conflict management - personal, family and professional 
optimising performance and/or time (time management) 
business plan drafting 
client/business development and networking 
getting that promotion 
starting a new role 
returning to work following ill health, career break, maternity or paternity leave 
career change 
"glass ceiling" or obstacles at work 
job exit management and planning 
getting the best outcome from conversations with your boss 
post redundancy management, planning and opportunities 
pre and post retirement planning 
working smarter with peers and leaders 
organisation change and related matters 
team management and leadership style 
improving internal workplace relationships 
skills/talent development 
post graduate life preparation 
examination preparation and related stress management at all levels 
optimising personal well-being and growth - health, mental well-being, self-esteem, control, decision-making 
unique carer issues 
empowering women at work, return to work, change of career 
Lawyer careers 
This list in not exhaustive. Please contact us for a no commitment consultation. 
Leadership and team management coaching 
internal morale and staff understanding of business vision 
optimum performance, efficiency, delivery and results 
business/client development and networking 
internal career development to a new role/internal career shift or promotion 
returning to work following ill health, career break, maternity or paternity leave 
presentation skills 
stress management 
confidence management and development 
conflict and behaviour management 
exit coaching including redundancy and retirement 
organisation change and related matters 
team management and leadership styles and development 
developing internal workplace relationships 
strategic talent development 
strategic succession planning 
optimizing personal well-being at work 
7. What is the format for coaching? 
Coaching is bespoke but you can expect a process along these lines following the initial conversation to engage in coaching: 
1) An initial 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes face to face, telephone or SKYPE session to build rapport, understand key outcomes sought form coaching and the coaching agreement. 
2) Further 1 hour sessions at agreed times and dates, typically at one week intervals. 
3) Exercises or action planning as appropriate to facilitate progress. 
4) Regular review on how coaching is working. 
5) A session to address sustaining action and change towards desired goals and objectives. 
6) Following completion of the agreed sessions, a 3 month recap session is recommended but is not obligatory. 
All coaching is confidential. 
8. How many sessions will be required? 
All coaching is bespoke and it is not possible to give a definitive response to this. However, with commitment, clients see changes taking place within 1-3 sessions and more ingrained change towards objectives thereafter. On average, 6 – 12 sessions are sought. There is no set period for coaching and clients may continue for as long as it provides authentic benefit. Review sessions are also available at 3 and 6 month intervals. 
9. Why should I use Evolution Development Coaching? 
Anita has over 15 years of experience working in the city with high end professionals as well as young adults interested and committed to their most successful futures. 
She has worked with businesses, operating at the highest levels in communications with key decision makers, business owners and partners in relation to recruitment, interview processes at all levels and strategic planning. 
She is a professional coach operating to the highest standards as a member of the International Coach Federation. She remains a solicitor (non-practising) and is also as Associate with another development consultancy operating in the UK and overseas. She has coached people in the UK, Europe and USA. 
Her approach is friendly, discreet and professional. She has received several testimonials for her work as a coach. They include 
"Working with Anita has been one of the best moves in my legal career. She is extremely knowledgeable about the legal sector and can analyse the market needs and trends from my perspective. She has also given me very insightful advice based on my own career path and aspiration, and worked with me to improve my CV and my interview performance, both of which have received very positive feedback. Most important of all is that Anita has helped me take control of my own career development. This, to me, is the most valuable part of her coaching." 
“I enjoyed the interview coaching with Anita. She was professional, focused and supportive throughout and provided detailed feedback after each session. Most importantly, though, the coaching helped me achieve my goals... I got offered three jobs after successful interviews. I really did benefit from the training I did with Anita and I would recommend her without hesitation.” 
"Anita Gohil-Thorp is an extremely effective and masterful coach. Her ability to listen, reflect, and challenge your thinking helped me finally see opportunities I had hidden from myself. Anita shines a light and helps you clearly see what you may have been missing all along, despite it being right before you. I know that's what I experienced from my work with her. I would strongly recommend her as a superior coach." 
"Anita is a highly professional, confident and approachable person. She has a very driven and positive attitude...and has the ability to bring the best out of people." 
If you have any questions, you can contact Evolution Development Coaching on 0203 086 9186. 
10. Case Studies 
For a more detailed discussion on the services and case studies of Evolution Development Coaching, contact Anita on 0203 086 9186. 
Anita’s support and coaching to a global law firm partner led to him exploring options never considered before at a later stage of his career. A successful lawyer but with blocks and assumptions to overcome, he was uncertain of his next move. Through clarification on his aspirations, the realities, the obstacles together with some coaching exercises, complex options were discussed and actions agreed. Coaching with Anita facilitated a clearer decision making process with greater facts. A fruitful change of career was made, fulfilling a long held dream. 
A long standing magic circle partner felt that his firm had changed too much and was no longer supporting his client base and the development he sought. Anita’s approach in exploring his ambitions both in and out of the workplace led to a number of outcomes. Clarity was gained in what he wanted to achieve with outside business interests (and steps taken) whilst it also became clear that his career would now be better suited at a different cultured firm growing in the line of his connections. Anita’s patience, support and guidance enabled him to extract his overall skills that could then be displayed at interviews and a role was secured at the firm of his choice. 
A very able individual was identified by a firm for coaching to gain clarity on his passion and purpose at work. Through coaching, the coachee was able to explore what his interests were and, more deeply, the passion for his chosen field. The coachee was able to understand unhelpful reasons for choices made to date and understand the impact of decisions he had made. Clarity on his passion. Amongst other matters, led him to different choices and a more fulfilling career with the firm supporting his decision. 
Anita undertook coaching with a senior manager looking to address blocks that were holding him back from promotion. Over 6 sessions, Anita facilitated the steps required to identify key obstacles and blocks as well as commitment to go beyond “uncomfortable” comfort zones. Together, key goals were identified and an action plan that consisted of progressive steps towards the goal was facilitated. Sustaining transformation, through agreed actions, changing behaviours and added support, was key requirement for this client. Accountability at subsequent sessions ensured the client was consistently moving forward, ultimately reaching his ambition. 
A highly intelligent manager sought coaching to improve success at interview. Anita channelled him through exercises and coaching techniques to find the solutions to what was holding him back and the steps that would assist his progress. This included presentation training and interview coaching and, with Anita’s guidance, encouragement and mock interviews, he turned things around. Working together to identify and reinforce his strengths, inner belief, confidence and presentation led him to be successful at several interviews and securing the role of his choice. 
Anita was approached by a client who had lost passion for her field. Coaching questioning and exercises allowed the client to openly explore work and life including what she valued at work and beyond. Digging deeper to understand her perceptions and challenges together with her goals for the future enabled her to gain greater clarity she needed towards what mattered. Anita also worked on presentation coaching which encompasses body language and interview techniques. The client successfully secured a new role during the last weeks of the sessions together. The client decided to continue with two more coaching sessions to reinforce her learning and sustain her commitment and motivation as she worked on her resignation with confidence. 
This client had a very clear goal that he was able to define without any doubt. He sought coaching however as procrastination and doubt inevitably kicked in and the goal was moving further and further away. Anita identified with the client what was holding him back yet also looked at his successes which he had not acknowledged. Personal critical talk and comparison, amongst other things, had prevented progress despite the obvious passion for the goal. Coaching enabled the client to address his relationship with time management, prioritisation and values. With support, motivation and encouragement, the coaching process enabled him to commit to completion of training that would lead him towards his goals. 
Completing university with a high class degree was a huge result for this client. Confidence issues together with confusions and pressures led to several matters to unblock through coaching including an assessment of achievements, skills, values, motivations and aspirational goals. Guided coaching enabled the client to understand and develop greater learning about priorities based on his own thinking. Learning about the impact of external influences, positive and negative, led to clarity and, in turn, a change in behaviour. The client is now studying further in the field of his choice. 
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